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Updated: Jun 10

The summer of 2024 is sizzling with infectious rhythms and vibrant melodies, thanks to the latest wave of Afrobeats hits. From dancefloor anthems to soulful tunes, these tracks are set to dominate playlists and parties all season long. 

Here are the top 10 Afrobeats songs of the summer:

  1. Ckay - Wahala ft Olamide: Ckay’s ability to convey emotions through his music has never been in doubt. Over twangy piano melodies, Ckay delivers a soft and sultry declaration of love to his lover with relatable charm. Olamide brings his undeniable talent and versatility producing a laid- back, feel good tune that perfectly captures the carefree spirit of summer.

2. Lojay & Sarz- Billions: A masterful blend of smooth vocals over laid back beats, Billions is an affirmation of success and ambition. Lojay’s silky voice glides effortlessly over Sarz’s melodious production delivering a perfect tune for summer. 

3. UAX - Evergreen: On Evergreen, UAX delivers a mellow tune that is sure to get you into a relaxed summer vibe. UAX’s smooth vocals blend seamlessly with rhythmic instrumentals creating a sound that is refreshing and melodious, beautifully capturing the essence of summer’s carefree spirit. Whether  you are at a beach party or just enjoying a sunny day, “Evergreen” is sure to get you in a euphoric mood.

4. Tyla-  Jump ft Gunna, Skillibeng:

There’s no summer playlist without a groovy pop track from a pretty girl in Joburg. Tyla takes us on a melodious journey infused with captivating lyricism and a pulsating production over electrifying verses from Gunna & Skillibeng to produce an ultimate soundtrack for your summer adventures.  

5. Darkoo, Dess Dior - Favorite girl: 

A smooth interpolation of Brick & Lace’s 2007 classic, “Love is Wicked” , “Favorite Girl” blends Darkoo’s smooth vocals with Dess Dior’s spicy verses, creating a perfect synergy that exudes allure and attitude. The best is vibrant and upbeat, featuring catchy hooks and rhythmic patterns that make it impossible not to dance along. 

6. TitoM, Yupee- Tshwala Bam: Even if you’ve been living under a rock all year, the infectious melody and catchy rhythm of  “ Ngixolele mzala Ngaqeda imali yami Wang'sinda umthwalo wami, Wal'thetha icala” must have worked its way into your enclave. The South African hit single has taken over the clubs and streets of Africa since its release even boasting a remix with African Giant, Burna Boy. It’s pulsating rhythms and lively beats makes its an irresistible addition to any summer playlist. Whether you're at the club or just chilling with friends, this song is sure to elevate the mood and get everyone dancing.

7. Bad, The Sound Boy - We Can Do: We Can Do" blends vibrant Afrobeats rhythms with a touch of modern flair, creating a refreshing sound. Bad, The Sound Boy’s smooth vocals blends perfectly with Lexjnr’s socially impressive production capturing the essence of summer. 

8. Ruger - Luv Again & Make Way:

Ruger has done it again with his recent 2 pack single releases, "Luv Again" and "Make Way." Both tracks showcase his unique sound and ability to craft  melodies that are perfect for the season. "Luv Again" is a smooth, romantic tune that captures the essence of a summer fling and playboy mischief. Ruger's soothing vocals and the laid-back beat create a dreamy vibe that's ideal for warm evenings. "Make Way," on the other hand, is a high-energy anthem that demands attention. Over a pulsating beat Ruger flatters his lady promising her a good time with confident delivery,  if being flirtatious is your mood this summer, then this is the perfect track for you. 

9. Azanti, Psycho YP - Lekki Epe: A perfect mix of pop, rap & RnB, Azanti and Psycho YP deliver a standout track with "Lekki Epe," deliciously creating a blend of smooth vocals, sharp rap verses and a catchy beat that captures the vibrant energy of Lagos. Azanti’s soulful voice paired with Psycho YP’s dynamic flow creates a refreshing and engaging sound that's perfect for any summer playlist. “Lekki Epe" is not just a song; it’s well mastered project that showcases the duo's unique talent and chemistry. 

10. Ayra Starr - Commas: What’s summer without a track from the Sabi girl herself? Ayra’s velvety vocals glide over slick production rhythm, creating an irresistible mix that gets you in a mood for gratitude and affirmations of ease and more blessing, this synergy is what singles “Commas” out as our quintessential summer anthem.

Tap in to our summer playlist here.

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